February 14th marks the famed date which we all somehow, in some way, take pause at. Whether you’re in love with love, or you nearly want to gag at all the PDA occurring around you, Valentine’s Day remains one of those holidays that deems itself unavoidable. This year, no matter where you lie on the spectrum, we’re inviting you to use the holiday as a day to root yourself in love, and not just the ability to love others, but also the ability to truly love yourself, for all that you are.

Learning to love yourself is the first ingredient to living an outrageously abundant life. Why? Because how can you treat others with kindness and compassion if in private you crush your spirit by measuring yourself against unachievable standards, or standards that really belong to someone else? Our soul thrives on love and nourishment, and you are the first and most important person it’s asking that of.

Today, wherever your emoji heart eyes odometer lies, we invite you to join us in writing 10 things you love about yourself and the life you lead. Whether it’s the way you unapologetically belt out the lyrics to your favorite song when you’re in the car alone, or your innate ability to make other people let their guard down around you, record what makes you love you.

We love you.



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May 05, 2021

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May 05, 2021

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